Rowing lesson

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To start your lesson, we’ll introduce you to a traditional batelina, once one of the most prolific craft in the city. Now extremely rare, they make an exceptional first-time rowing boat: stable and comfortable. We’ll then concentrate on the basic stroke for rowing a prua (at the prow), giving a demonstration and then letting each person try it themselves, with the boat still moored. We’ll then depart, with each rower taking turns and getting acclimated to the stoke as we glide along a wide, quiet canal. We’ll then cross then into the expansive, open lagoon, where you’ll be encouraged to try rowing a poppa — steering the boat yourself at the stern, just like a gondolier. (If it’s too windy, you can still try the steering position in the canals.) We’ll then return back through the evocative side canals back to the drop-off point. A classic, 90-minute, private lesson in a traditional, Venetian hand-crafted all-wood batelina craft.

  • Durata: 90 minuti
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